Sunday, April 29, 2007

The stench of corruption...

... is quite overpowering these days. It always amazes me how tolerant people are of their masters in a capitalist society. Whether it's the government being challenged for corruption in sweeping a probe against UK arms companies in a dodgy deal with Saudi Arabia (see here) or West Ham United getting away with a relatively miniscule fine (£5.5m is nothing compared to the £30m they'll make by staying up this season), it appears we live in an age where such behaviour elicits no response other than hot air from people like me.

Corruption seems an intrinsic part of life in this day and age. Was it always this bad, or have we always allowed people to cheat and lie their way to the top? I'm pretty sure if Karl Marx were alive now he'd be thinking his predictions about capitalism are coming to pass, but I can't see a communist utopia emerging from it. Instead we'll collapse into anarchy or authoritarianism just as we have done in the past.

Mankind is capable of so much, and yet it's going backwards. Materialism serves as a distraction from the improvement of your mind, body and soul - why else do people put greater emphasis on what they own as opposed to what they can do? Give me the skill to play the piano or guitar over owning a fleet of cars any day of the week!

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