Friday, May 04, 2007

Did you vote?

If you received a polling card for the elections yesterday, did you vote? Less than 40 per cent of people did, and I bet the "missing" 60 per cent include those who complain the loudest about council tax, local services, or whatever.

Perhaps we should instigate a system whereby if you make a complaint, your voting record is checked - and if you didn't vote, your complaint goes to the back of the queue behind those that do give enough of a toss about democracy to make the effort. Of course, that's not particularly fair - many people want to vote, but can't due to getting to the polling station or whatever, although you could apply for a postal vote, which is what we did back in Trowbridge when they closed our local polling station. Now we just wander down to the school, vote, and then head off to the allotment for a quick check. I feel sorry for those compelled to drive to vote - particularly those able-bodied people who can't bring themselves to take 10-20 minutes of their time to exercise their legs in the process.

In our council, the Tories failed to take the single seat they need for overall control of the council, but it remains on a knife-edge. Joe came down yesterday to canvas for the Greens in a central borough (Castle), and they came a credible second to the Lib Dem councillor. In Shrub End, the Tory saw off our choice of Lib Dem councillor by less than 100 votes. The turnout - 31 per cent - was pathetic. One Conservative win I was glad to see was that Wyn Roberts, who won my vote last time (shock! horror!), was elected in the neighbouring area of Prettygate quite convincingly.

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