Sunday, May 06, 2007

Only Blues

So the season ends with a damp squib - a 1-0 defeat at Preston while Sunderland thrash Luton 5-0 to deservedly take the Championship title. Why am I gutted when we've won promotion? Perhaps because when the chips were down our old frailties came back to haunt us, and that's a bad omen for next season? Nope. Because we didn't start playing until 70 minutes had gone? Nope. Because we blew our best chance of the second-tier championship trophy for the first time in 52 years? Yes.

The Championship trophy won't matter to many - Sunderland have now won it twice in three seasons and I bet it feels a little blase to them - but to me it represented our best chance to get some half-meaningful silverware in the dust-laden trophy cabinet (to go with all the other half-meaningful silverware we've won). Oh well, this is Blues, and if they didn't kick you in the nuts even when supposedly delivering happiness we wouldn't know how to cope.

Still, at least it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things - if you're going to feel let down in life, a crackpot, second-rate football club whose only talent is to underachieve is far more preferable to most other things!

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