Saturday, June 02, 2007

And still people deny climate change...

... and still their pathetic arguments fall apart under the flimsiest of evidence. See the latest exchange between George Monbiot and a left-wing journalist Alexander Cockburn here, and ask yourself why the likes of Cockburn somehow get to continue making claims without backing them up with any reasonable shred of evidence.

Like Bush, all Cockburn is doing is attempting to muddy the waters at a time when the bottom is painfully crystal clear. And yet the mere act of attempting to muddy still manages to persuade people to keep disputing the incontrovertible facts in front of them (climate change is here, now and affecting millions of people worldwide already - what's so hard to understand about that?).

You know, freedom of speech is hard enough to maintain without being undermined by those people who abuse it in the way Cockburn and his ilk do.

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