Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fifth richest man in the world enquires about Blues...

... it's on the front page of the Evening Mail (click here for the full story), but before leaping up for joy and imagining a new owner (thankfully British-based) outspending Abramovitch and buying us the Premiership (just as Jack Walker did for Blackburn all those years ago), there's one small passage that brings it all crashing back down to earth:

"The inquiry by Mittal, the wealthiest man in Britain, came shortly before representatives of a mystery Far East billionaire contacted Blues about the possibility of a sale.

"Mittal's people have not followed up the initial inquiry but kept a watching brief."

In other words, the inquiry was made a while ago, and nothing has materialised since. There was also a report in today's Guardian that stated the mystery Far Eastern businessman might be scared off by all the publicity surrounding this story (see here).

Blues are situated in the heart of the Asian community in Birmingham, and we've never managed to really reach out to that group before. Perhaps if Mittal was to purchase the club it would spark an interest (although I suspect winning the FA Cup would do more to spark such an interest). As for me, I've briefly stood on the precipice and dared to dream about what Blues might achieve before - it's always been accompanied by a crashing sound as we start to slide downwards, so for now I'll take a cautious, neutral watching brief.

Mind you, if the current crop of targets are anything to go by, I might just be praying for a change at the top: Kamara and Koumas from West Brom? Perleease...

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