Monday, June 11, 2007

Front page of the Indy...

... has a map showing how the US is facing its worst drought since the 1930s - see here. At the same time, north-western British Columbia is suffering after some extreme flooding. The world is warming, and this is what we have to face in the years to come.

But instead of tackling this weighty topic, I'm going to come over all superficial and first commend Steven Moffat for writing another superb episode of Doctor Who over the weekend - even though the Doctor and Martha barely figure (Tennant made the most of his "time off" to direct and present the accompanying Doctor Who Confidential documentary that accompanies each episode).

Or perhaps I should stray even further from the realms of reality and check out the latest about this mystery Blues takeover. In fact, it appears the bid will be closer to £50m (far more realistic), and it's not a done deal yet - see here for details.

Or maybe I should get back on track and concentrate on finishing my cover feature for PCA - after this is handed in tomorrow, I've got nothing lined up until the end of the month. Potentially worrying, but also potentially liberating if I can make the most of this unexpected spare time.

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Joe Cassels said...

I don't have a huge amount on until the end of the month either, but the time off has come at a handy moment, for now, at least, as it gives me a chance to get the support material for the Fringe show recorded. Was that a subtle plug? Surely not!