Wednesday, June 20, 2007

OK, so how do we justify this?

The super-rich don't only concentrate and hoard a large amount of wealth into the hands of a very small number of people, their record for tax avoidance has found them being hauled before select committees of MPs to explain why it is they're often paying less income tax than the poor (see here).

What sickens me is that Gordon Brown, our erstwhile PM-in-waiting, created this loophole in 1998, and has shown no inclination towards closing it.

Or perhaps I'm just sick at the fact that yet again the slack-jawed British population turn a blind eye to this kind of behaviour. Take your frigging noses out of the celebrity section of The Sun and Heat magazine, switch off Big Brother and start exercising your intellects in standing up to this kind of abuse. You turn a blind eye to the erosion of democracy and civil liberties, swallow the government's lies about fighting in Iraq and then get all het up because you perceive some Johnny Foreigner has nicked your job - the job you refuse to do because it's too low paid (it's too low paid because you refuse to pay a fair price for anything).

Oh the irony of it all...

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