Friday, June 15, 2007

Up with the birds...

(Not strictly true, they've been up and about for hours)

Off to see what the swimming pool is like this time of morning in half an hour or so. One of the benefits of waking before 6.30 was that I heard a milk float go past, so I know I can switch us to more locally produced milk (with reusable packaging in the form of glass bottles). The Indy is running a story on how the major food companies and supermarkets have agreed to cut their packaging back or use compostable/bio-degradable packaging instead - see here. Considering yesterday's story about how oil is about to start declining, it's probably makes sound economic sense too (non-recycled plastic will surely be one of the first things to go when the demand for oil outstrips the supply).

In other news, yours truly found the net for a second time last night, our side running out 8-6 winners in the rain. Definitely improved from last week - after about 35 minutes I stopped pussy footing at left back and got forward a bit more. Big thumbs up to my mate Steve whose perfectly weighted pass gave me time to hammer in a first-time shot low into the corner of the net. We'll overlook all my missed headers and misplaced passes, and blame the rain!

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