Sunday, July 15, 2007

17 species of butterfly

When I was younger I was an avid butterfly watcher (not hunter - I wasn't interested in pinning them or anything!). Yesterday while Toni and mum were at Clare Priory's craft fair (they're there today if you'd like to pop along - see here), dad and I went butterfly hunting - my first serious foray for probably 20 years.

I'll skip the part where the car tyre blew and we were forced to call out the AA because Kwik Fit had tightened the wheel nuts so much we couldn't get them off (dad needs a new tyre wrench). Instead we'll look at the places we went and the species we saw. Highlight of the day was Friday Wood, which is as close to us as Abberton Reservoir. This place is fantastic - and made me think of Stanley Park in Vancouver (even though the similarities are superficial). Here I saw my first White Admiral, but I'm getting ahead of myself - this was at the end of the day.

We stopped at four spots - three in south Suffolk - and I recorded the following species (this is for my benefit, not yours!):
Silver Studded Blue, White Admiral, Brown Argus, Peacock, Comma, Red Admiral, Small Heath, Small Skipper, Essex Skipper, Small Copper, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Gatekeeper, Purple Hairstreak, Small White, Large White, Green-veined White.

Not bad, considering I saw 20 species in total during my first year of butterfly watching back in 1981!

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