Friday, July 20, 2007


There's a story in today's Independent about how one American's dream of owning a Hummer turned sour when it was trashed by what are being described as "eco-terrorists" (see here). It's an interesting term, because it enables the FBI to get involved and harsh sentences to be given to the perpetrators. It seems you can vandalise people's property and get away with light sentences and little comeback if you have no hidden agenda other than being a complete and utter idiot, but if you turn it into an environmental message they'll put you away for life.

The US has a frankly despicable record when it comes to car manufacturing and energy efficiency. Even the owner of the trashed Hummer admitted that he'd never even thought for a second about the environmental impact of owning such a behemoth while dreaming of buying it - if it takes an act of wanton violence and vandalism to make people sit up and notice that the planet around them is changing because of their lifestyles, what does it say about them, never mind the vandals?

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