Monday, July 30, 2007

Government "incoherent" on climate change

That's what a committee of cross-party MPs has concluded (see here). Of course, nothing will happen until we elect a government that understands our fundamental political and economic systems are inherently flawed and incompatible with the most pressing issue that has ever faced mankind.

I look forward to the day when people's selfish natures are reined back in by society (so people idly speculating about going to Dubai or somewhere for a "week's break from the kids" are rightfully shamed into picking a more responsible holiday instead - for example). Just think, it's not alright for people to smoke in a public place even if others consent (ie, a pub is given the choice about being smoker or non-smoker), but it's fine for people to pursue lifestyles that threaten everyone else's mid- to long-term future on this planet.

Not for the last time am I left wondering when exactly common sense left the building with regards to politics (I'm looking at Blair, but I'm pretty sure common sense has not been a commodity for a number of decades now).

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