Friday, July 06, 2007


Just got back from an early morning swim - my arms aren't killing me to the same degree they were last time we swam, and if truth be told the 10 lengths were a lot easier this time round, so it appears the football is making me fitter. Speaking of football, we lost quite heavily last night, but I did score my third goal of the season. But it's frustrating at times - because I don't really know anyone, passes to me are few and far between, even when I get in good positions. We lost because our opponents played as a team, passing to both Steve and Sam when they were in good positions. In contrast our lot tended to look for a killer pass, long-range shot or dribble until they lost possession. Blimey, five weeks in and I'm already complaining! Must be all the ranting on the web site...

Today is the baby's 20-week scan. We head off this afternoon, and fingers crossed everything goes well. But before that, I have a page and a half to write... Work has been thin on the ground of late, so I need to start pushing for more. Everyone says I'm a good writer, so hopefully they won't object to me begging for work!

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