Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To Edinburgh

Tomorrow we leave at the crack of dawn to go to Edinburgh. We're accompanying Joe and Jo up for a week to help Joe's show (Is My Mobile On? See right-hand panel) get started. I'm looking forward to it, but am beginning to worry about the lack of work heading my way at the moment. If I hadn't made contact with ComputerActive when I did, I'd be staring down the very real possibility of having no work until the last week of August - I've fired off an email to the four editors I usually work for, but it appears I can't rely on them any more for anything but my two Q&A columns.

I hope it's not down to the quality of my work - I've always had good notices from editors and subs, and I have no evidence to suggest my quality control has dipped. Sometimes I get frustrated by all of this - if my standards haven't dropped, then it appears the extra work and effort I put into making sure my commissions are as good as they can be counts for little when it comes to garnering extra work. Or perhaps I'm deluding myself when I look back and remember that I tried to look after good writers when I was an editor.

It looks like I'll have to broaden my horizons when we get back from Edinburgh - at least this dry spell hasn't come completely out of the blue, and careful money management has ensured I've already got most of September's bills covered. I can but hope I find new avenues of work on my return - who knows, maybe it'll lead me in a whole new direction.

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