Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It is time...

... for Gordon Brown and his government to explain exactly why they are allowed to break the law with regards to what goes on at Heathrow Airport, while trying to undermine peaceful protest as that we've seen at Heathrow over the past week.

George Monbiot's latest article is essential reading for everyone, not just those worried about the dangers of runaway climate change. Its concluding sentence about this government's insanity - "its plan for perpetual growth in corporate utopia is also a plan for the destruction of life on earth" - is the best description of this whole issue I have ever come across, but even if you don't want to campaign against climate change, ask yourself why this government is allowed to dress up barefaced lies as "statistical reinterpretation" without ever being called to task, why it is that the figures for Heathrow's expansion don't add up, especially as it's already breaching EU regulations on noise and air pollution, and why it is that the British people are meekly sleepwalking towards their own doom (never mind anyone else on the planet, human or otherwise).

If this sleepwalking continues, then don't be surprised if the protesters start taking more radical action to make themselves heard, and then ask yourself if they're not reacting in exactly the same way as the people in Gaza or other oppressed regions where we also turn a blind eye because it suits our selfish, short-term aims.

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