Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An update of sorts

I've just realised I've not blogged since Saturday. Part of that has to be down to my sister Lou and cousin Joff staying with us for a few days, so I've been distracted from idly staring at a computer screen all day. I even managed to decorate the upstairs landing on Sunday - an example of how to spend your weekend (as opposed to idly staring at a computer screen all day).

Work is still in a state of flux, but despite not scoring any major features during August a host of small one- and two-pagers has ensured it wasn't the disaster it was threatening to be. If anything, my work feels more sustainable again with a number of new magazines onboard - my aim is to try and get enough regular work from two or three to cover the loss of the Australian Windows XP title and hopefully move on from there. Financially I've not really felt the pinch yet because I was lucky enough to stockpile my money to get about six weeks ahead of myself with the bills - as a result I'm already more than halfway to paying the bills in October. I could get used to this level of caution - certainly if work does pick up again I won't be rushing to spend it. Of course, the car is about to enter its phase of draining money for a service, MOT and car tax, so I'll need to ensure I've got money put away for that.

Right, having handed in two pieces of work today I'm busily working on a third. Back to the grindstone (also known as Scrabulous on Facebook - oops, I mean hard graft!)...

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