Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Speaking of Eurostar...

... the first journey on its new high-speed rail route is due to happen today between Paris and London St Pancras, which journey times cut to just over two hours (three hours total if you include the check-in time). Considering how long airport check-in times now are, it means you can get from London to Paris more quickly by train than it takes to get on the plane!

It'll be interesting to see if their promise about matching airline fares comes to fruition - I suspect the major problem there is competing with the ridiculously subsidised fuel prices that the aviation industry continues to enjoy despite the environmental damage being done. Another red mark against the world's western governments, who do little more than pay lip service to green issues.

EDIT: just noticed that Ryanair is up to its old tricks (see here). Apparently I'm either very rich or very slow for wanting to travel by train rather than plane. I may not be rich, but I'd sure as hell rather be slow than have anything to do with this increasingly irritating little airline.

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