Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gordon Brown reveals his true colours - anything but green

It's bad news for renewable energy today. The Guardian claims to have obtained leaked documents that will see Gordon Brown's government perform a spectacular u-turn on pledging to get 20 per cent of Britain's energy from renewable sources (see here). Aside from the hammer blow this will deliver to our already pathetic attempts to do something about the environment we're systematically destroying, I find it sickening that the report suggests that the government will attempt to mobilise support from countries that are sceptical about global warming in order to force lower targets on to the EU.

I always said Gordon Brown was full of green wash, now it appears he's not even capable of paying lip service to the environment. And to think this lot got their unassailable majority on a pathetic 36 per cent of the vote (of those who could be bothered to turn out).

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