Thursday, November 01, 2007

Oil costs more than $90 a barrel...

... which is why the email I recently received from some eejit who thinks petrol prices can be forced down simply by boycotting one petrol provider shows just how out of touch some people are. There's an interesting article by Matt Frei, the BBC's North American correspondent, who talks about how so-called hard-headed economic realists scoffed at the idea that oil would cost $100 a barrel when it touched $50 a barrel back in spring 2005 (see here). In other words, those who would have us believe that the only things that matter are number crunching (ie, unsustainable growth is realistic, while sustainable living is "fairy land" stuff) are being exposed for the "heads-in-the-sand" people they really are.

Sadly, Frei concludes that no one is batting an eyelid. Will someone pass over a large dose of smelling salts please? The human race needs waking up.

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