Friday, December 14, 2007

Why didn't this man become president?

Al Gore's impassioned speech to the Bali summit on climate change can be read in part in today's Independent (here). We all know the biggest democracy in the world malfunctioned back in 2000 to disenfranchise a key sector of the Florida population to hand victory - one not reflected in the total number of votes cast for each candidate, despite the fraud that went on - to a man who has frankly been a far bigger disaster than anyone could have foreseen back in 2000. The fact he was elected again in 2004 merely compounded the foolishness, selfishness and backwardness of the country that re-elected him (and I'm afraid the whole country must take responsibility here).

People will look back to 2000 and point out that Al Gore didn't light up audiences in the way he's done since recovering from the trauma of that election and deciding to go out into the world and do his bit, but perhaps we need to ask ourselves why he felt compelled to be so bland. Today's politicians, presidents and prime ministers are more afraid of offending certain sectors of society than acting as true leaders, which is why we stand on the edge of the precipice that now faces us.

We all know deep down what will happen - we'll plunge head first into runaway global warming, and then look for someone - anyone - else to blame. The fact that each and every one of us who lives a lifestyle beyond the planet's means are now aware of their actions and still continues to act irresponsibly is something that will hang around this generation's neck for a long time. You can all still prove me wrong, but I fear humanity won't be capable of saving itself, never mind anything else.

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