Friday, February 15, 2008

Bits 'n' bobs

We saw Roy Dotrice reprise his award-winning role (from 40 years ago!) at the Mercury yesterday afternoon - he played 17th Century antiquarian John Aubrey in Brief Lives. What's remarkable about this production is that he's now 13 years older than the character he plays (a spritely 84), and it's a one-man show. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I'm not sure Toni got quite the same level of enjoyment, but she said it wasn't as dull as she'd first feared!

I'm not normally a fan of Sepp Blatter, but it's good to see the FIFA president torpedo the money grabbing Premier League's plans to try and hijack more money from abroad (see here). Blues' chairman has been rent-a-quote on this subject - when he's not making a fool of himself by branding Gary Cahill selfish for stringing out Blues before deciding on a move to Bolton (stop the presses! Footballers are selfish fellows!). The main is rapidly becoming a caricature and right now we're left yearning for the normally more outrageous comments of David Sullivan. But all this is rapidly becoming academic - I got more thrill out of hearing the Colchester crowd go nuts on Tuesday night with their last-gasp win against Preston than I've had from supporting Blues this season. What does that say about my loyalties? All I know is, if my daughter does end up somehow wanting to become a football supporter, I'll be doing my level best to ensure she doesn't follow Blues!

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