Friday, March 28, 2008

Terminal 5 chaos "affected" Britain's reputation

That's the claim of BA's Chief Executive (see here). Personally I'd have thought the incompetence and cock ups are perfectly in line with Britain's current reputation. After all, our wonderful government has been turning incompetence into a fine art during its 11-year stint so far. In fact, it's so bad people can't remember what the last cock up was all about, as it's quickly forgotten as another wave of mistakes comes to light.

Of course, I've chuckled over T5's problems as it's proof that throwing £6.4bn at air travel doesn't necessarily make everything all sweetness and light. And look, I've not made any comments about the environment in relation to this story, which must be a first.

In other news, it looks like I'll have to shell out for an expensive chimney repair as there's a leak up there that's soaking into the wood beams. Toni's dad tried to inject some foam in the hope it would fix it, but to no avail, so goodness knows how much that will cost. We believe the repair itself is quite simple, but won't be possible from inside the roof, so a builder will need to get up there to do the work. Bugger.

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