Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why Blair and Brown will never be remembered as great leaders

Winston Churchill is remembered fondly in this country for what he did during the Second World War, but that doesn't mean he was popular at the time. In fact, he was deeply unpopular for the hardship and toughness of his policies during the Second World War. But Churchill understand that the long-term future of his country was more important than his own personal popularity.

It's such a shame that our current leaders make the classic mistake of courting popularity during their Premierships without realising that in generations to come, no one will remember them for their short-termism, and judge them on their legacy to those future generations. Sadly, as today's Independent reveals, this government is full of greenwash and little in the way of substance. Click here to see how cowardly ministers like Ruth Kelly and Alistair Darling are shying away from taking the tough decisions we need to make now in order to preserve this planet for civilised human habitation in the decades (never mind centuries) ahead.

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