Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Government bails out the banks for £50bn

Isn't it ironic that we supposedly live in a free-market economy when business is constantly demanding less government interference? That ends the moment business loses control of itself, chases a ridiculous dream and then expects the government - or should that be the taxpayer - to bail it out. So while it's okay for Brown to make millions of poor people worse off (and we all know his Labour stooges will rubber-stamp the abolition of the 10p rate, even though they're posturing now) to save a few billion, it's also okay for him to waste even more money we don't have providing guarantees to banks because they couldn't regulate themselves properly.

But rather listen to my inept rant, read Lib Dem's treasury spokesman Vincent Cable in the Independent (click here). It's typical of modern Britain that the Lib Dems elected another Blair-Lite clone instead of giving someone with his abilities and experience a chance. No wonder we're in the mess we in - as a nation we deserve nothing more or less.

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