Monday, May 26, 2008

Two interesting articles

The first, by the redoubtable George Monbiot, should be read by all traditional Labour voters - does the party you keep backing actually reflect your own ideals? Click here for a damning indictment on its legacy, one which Monbiot persuasively concludes is the most right-wing since the Second World War. Thanks to Mr J for pointing it out to me.

The second is from the Independent, suggesting that the government might actually be about to give householders a "way in" to generating their own electricity through solar and wind power (click here). If it comes off, and I find myself able to take advantage of it, it would represent a major tick in the box for Gordon Brown's Labour. I would never have found myself saying that just 24 hours ago, but obviously it's a case of "wait and see". If it comes off, then a thumbs up to Brown's government, but I'll wait for the "show" rather than the "tell".

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