Friday, June 13, 2008

I applaud David Davis...

... for resigning over Labour's latest successful scheme to erode civil liberties in this country. Monbiot - in a long list of crimes committed by this government - pointed out the following (see here for the full article):

"The proportion of the British population in prison has risen by a fifth since the Tories left office. Today Britain locks up 151 out of every 100,000 people(13). The Chinese judiciary, by contrast, which is notorious for its willingness to bang up anyone and everyone, jails 119 people per 100,000; Myanmar imprisons 120, Saudi Arabia 132(14). The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, passed in 2005, contains clauses which permit the police to ban any demonstration, however peaceful(15). It is one of a long series of bills the Labour government has passed which restrict the right to protest."

(Monbiot's source)
14. Kings College, London, 2008. Prison Brief - Highest to Lowest Rates.

15. Sections 125-127.

What David Davis is doing shouldn't be necessary - the British public should already have been up in arms about the previous erosion of our liberties in the name of "security", but instead we decide to get obsessed about the latest Big Brother (how ironic) or Wayne Rooney's wedding. As a nation, we should collectively be ashamed of ourselves.

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Joe Cassels said...

I agree. I'm no fan of Davis, but I think he's right on this one. Someone has to stand up for a principle.