Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Zealand leads the way

Interesting article on the BBC web site about how New Zealand has set ambitious targets for cutting its emissions (see here). While it has a head start - 70 per cent of its electricity is already generated from renewable sources thanks to an abundance of geothermal and hydro-electric energy sources, it's still refreshing to see it talking about cutting emissions in other areas too.

In other news, the Chief Executive of Gazprom claims that oil could soon cost $250 a barrel (click here). Even if you don't buy into the whole environmental argument, surely the economic argument should now be the prime mover in mankind's shift away from this polluting energy source? But where is the world leadership on this issue? Hilary Clinton made some encouraging noises when conceding to Barack Obama, but it's easy to make those strong arguments when you're no longer running for power. Still, it would be nice if Gordon Brown dropped the lime greenwash and started delivering on some genuine environmentally sound policies.

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