Sunday, July 06, 2008

The true picture of our carbon emissions

Surprise, surprise - Britain's carbon emissions (when you take into account everything we import from overseas) is 37 per cent higher than official figures suggest (see here).

This is good news, because it exposes the hypocrisy of western nations like ourselves and the US demanding action from China on cutting its own emissions when so many of those emissions are generated in producing the very goods we import from them.

In other news, the Doctor Who series finale was a bit of a damp squib last night, with not that much tension (for example, the doctor's so-called regeneration ended literally seconds after the credits rolled last week, while the Daleks were dispatched with a good 15 minutes left to run, the result being an extended exit scene for many of the Doctor's friends, none of whom actually died). Throw in some real plot holes and a general sense of unease with the ease at which this latest Dalek army was despatched (clearly Davros will return, though), just like the armies in seasons one and two. If Russell T Davies was good at building things up to a cliffhanger, he seems to struggle with actually resolving it satisfactorily. Fingers crossed Stephen Moffet translates his undoubted promise into improving the season finales!

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