Tuesday, July 08, 2008

We must preserve Monbiot's writings for future generations

Why? Because then people won't be able to look back and tar everyone who lived at this time with the same brush. Monbiot's writings are a testament for those generations to understand that a minority of people realised the hole we were digging and tried to get others to notice, only to be drowned out by the sound of shovels as people buried their heads into the sands.

Take today's article, on how rocketing oil prices will be good for the marine environment because the industry that harvests from it - the fishing industry - is so blinkered it wants to grab the golden egg and stab the goose with it (see here). It's not just the marine industry though, because we're all at it.

The one thing that might just save this planet is a global recession bought on by the high price of oil. We may all think in the short term we should ditch green policies because they're unfashionable when money is tight, but after a while we might just wake up to the fact that going green helps us in financial terms, never mind preserving an environment in which we can live, breathe and sustain ourselves.

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