Saturday, August 02, 2008

At least they're now f**king honest about it

Oh look, when push comes to shove, farmers are now ploughing up all available land for profit again (click here). Once again short-term measures take centre stage as wildlife finds itself under pressure as uncultivated land is ploughed up to produce more food for "reasonable prices" (or, in other words, ridiculously cheap prices that ensures so much waste gets thrown away every single week).

Final comment from this article: "I think a fundamental change is coming. It's that farmers will concentrate less on their role as custodians of the countryside and more on providers of food. The return a farmer gets from the market will always come first."

Farmers never have been "custodians of the countryside", but at least this person is being honest about it. Remember to use that as comfort as pollution rises, biodiversity drops and you all discover it's not just some green hippies hankering after their latest fad, but fundamental to our very existence.

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