Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I ordered a refurbished laptop from a company I won't name at this juncture. It arrived in good time and good condition, except there was no built-in digital TV tuner as clearly stated on the product specifications. Fair play, after emailing on Friday I received a response on Saturday saying it would be investigated. Following up on Tuesday I was told the missing item had been dispatched and would be with me within 3-5 days. Again fair play - it turned up this morning.

Only problem is, it's not a digital TV tuner, for laptops, or even Windows Vista. If I didn't already have a TV tuner installed in my desktop I might have left it, and if I thought I could get more than a tenner for it on Ebay (towards the cost of a USB tuner) then I might have let it go too, but in the event I've placed a phone call and am waiting further investigation.

So top marks for the response time and attempt to fix the situation, but zero marks for not bothering to check what was actually missing (it appears they didn't even bother to check my original order!).

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