Friday, January 16, 2009

Get this, the Tories are greener than Labour

After the hammer blow of Labour's rubber-stamping of the third runway at Heathrow (I'm led to believe that this rubber-stamping reneges on a promise made by this same government in order to get Terminal 5 at Heathrow built - what a surprise), it makes pleasant reading to see the Tories putting forward definitive plans for reducing our CO2 emissions today - click here.

I've learned a hard lesson over the last 11 years. In 1997 I'm pretty sure I said I would never vote Conservative, whatever the circumstances. In 2009 it's tempting to say I'll never vote Labour, whatever the circumstances. Luckily I've voted Liberal Democrat all my life, except in one local election here in Colchester where I voted Conservative because the sitting councillor not only listened to me on the doorstep but went away and found out an answer to the question of why couldn't we recycle all plastics instead of just some. The same question had been posted to a government minister by written letter, which received no acknowledgement or reply.

The fact is, I think the safest thing to say is that I'll never vote for a government that has enjoyed two or three successive terms of power. By that point they've lost the plot, become out of touch and found themselves firmly in the pockets of powerful, wealthy special interests, whatever their colour.

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