Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Questions Blair and Brown should be made to answer

George Monbiot has responded to the news of the allegations that four Labour lords have taken money in return for proposing amendments to bills going through parliament with a timely reminder that this is nothing new – see here. He reminds us that this very Labour government made much of the previous administration’s sleaze, and yet within the space of 12 years has done nothing to reform the law to prevent it, and in fact is now itself in the hands of powerful interests, none of whom represent the people who elected it or pay its taxes.

Monbiot also reveals that the government withheld data proving the third runway at Heathrow could never be built because it breached EU law – at least until the data could be manipulated to suggest that contrary to all expectation, it would miraculously remain within limits.

Quite frankly, if this is the country we’re all apparently happy to live in, what’s the point? Whatever happened to democratic ideals or even the pretence of them?

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