Saturday, February 07, 2009

For those who say the snow proves there is no climate change…

… spare a thought for the 14 Australians killed in the state of Victoria due to bush fires. A state where the temperature is about to hit 47 degrees - “It's just going to be, probably by a long way, the worst day ever in the history of the state in terms of temperatures and winds”, according to the Victorian state premier (see here).

Climate change deniers, like that twit in the Sunday Telegraph, will no doubt bleat that it’s an isolated case, one that can’t on its own be used to prove the existence of climate change. That’s very true, in which case why are you all clamouring to claim that the current wintry conditions affecting Britain are proof incontrovertible that climate change is a fallacy?

I wouldn’t mind so much, if the levels of hypocrisy emanating from these people weren’t so high and so brazen.

In other news, any political goodwill I’ve felt towards David Cameron has evaporated with his claim that he’s happy for new state schools to be set up outside of local authority control (see here). If we thought the government’s hare-brained academy scheme was ridiculous, then this has to be lunacy of the highest order.

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