Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How to sum up Birmingham City

Just read this blog post from the Evening Mail’s Colin Tattum, a reporter par excellence. Once you’ve done that, you’ll understand why gates are plummeting despite the fact the club is still involved in the automatic promotion race.

The sooner our owners go the better – as someone points out in their comments, they now take 500K salary a year from the club in addition to the £15m they made on selling 29.99% of the club to a Hong Kong businessman who turned out to be incapable of raising any more capital to complete the buyout. So much for thinking of the club’s future when choosing a buyer! And to think they spent the best part of £750,000 buying the club in the first place… Not a bad return considering the fact it’s been self-financing for a very long time, now – however they try to spin things.

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