Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monbiot puts Hazel Blears in her place

Hazel Blears had the nerve to come out and slam those of us who believe that Labour (and the Tories before them) have successfully managed to destroy people’s faith in politics to the point where governments are now able to pretty much do as they please without rousing any kind of concerted opposition.

Obviously Blears loves this state of affairs. She also loves saying “yes” to her party as it systematically erodes civil liberties and personal freedoms while pursuing an aggressive (and illegal) foreign policy on the one hand while kow-towing to special interests and big businesses (particularly those who go to great lengths to paying tax) on the other.

I can feel my anger building just typing this – and as I’m even less coherent than normal when typing from a position of barely suppressed rage, I shall point you towards Monbiot’s excellent riposte here. One point that does wind me up is Blears’ unsubstantiated claim that Monbiot makes claims without providing supporting evidence (just look at the careful bibliography that accompanies every Monbiot post on his web site). This in stark contrast to this government’s pronouncements on the third runway at Heathrow having only bothered to consult BAA on the matter. Oh the hypocrisy, Ms Blears. As it’s blatantly obvious you can’t see this, I would move that you are no longer fit to play any role in governing this country.

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