Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bits and pieces

Harriet is now out of her harness during the day. Since gaining her freedom she has discovered how to stand up using only one hand for support and is spending half her time clinging on to one thing or other while testing her legs! This is obviously big news for us after the long weeks and months since her initial diagnosis, and hopefully suggests she’s on the mend. She’s also capable of climbing the stairs – obviously under supervision!

Saw Waiting for Godot at the theatre in Norwich last night. It’s a hard play to follow, particularly after a long, gruelling drive up the A140, but was worth it for the acting talent on show: Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, Simon Callow and Ronald Pickup. All produced excellent performances (Mr Pickup stole the show as Lucky with his single speech), and it’s nice to finally see Patrick Stewart at last after missing him back in 2003 when he toured the UK with The Master Builder. But if we do Norwich again for the theatre, we’d have to stay overnight so we could catch the train there and back.

(As an aside I’m just finishing off the pick and mix we purchased as I type.)

And Blues beat Wolves 2-0 with ten men to raise hopes of promotion and possibly even the title. Remind me that I typed that when we no doubt finish in the playoffs…

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