Saturday, April 18, 2009

Labour exposed

A superb leading article on this government’s authoritarian tendencies in today’s Independent – click here. After 17 years of consecutive Tory rule, it took Labour just 12 to get to this state of affairs. What it tells me is that our electoral system does not provide sufficient safeguard for democratic freedoms in this country – instead, an ever-decreasing minority of people (just 35% of those who bothered to vote in 2005) deliver an ever-increasing amount of power to a single political party. How can this current government enjoy an unassailable majority in the Commons on such a small percentage of the popular vote? For me, it’s just further proof of how little people in the UK care about the stuff that really matters.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that this ex-Labour MP has resigned from the party – see here. If her colleagues weren’t so out of touch and too taxed running up ridiculous expenses claims, perhaps we wouldn’t be in this mess.

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