Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MPs’ expenses

I’m almost at the point of laughing aloud at all the hoo-hah surrounding the publication of MPs’ expenses and the revelation that the vast majority of them have been abusing the system for years.

What is the point of the public getting in an outrage about it? This expenses system is part of a political and electoral system that has become increasingly rotten over the years, but instead of voting for a party that might actually do something about it we lazily tar all parties with the same brush (“They’re all as bad as each other”) and continue to vote red or blue if we bother to vote at all.

If you really feel strongly about the latest abuse, it’s time to take off your blinkers and vote for a political party who – even if they botch everything else (and really, can you say Labour or the Tories have done any better over the past 20 years?) – will at least ensure genuine political change comes to this country by reforming an outdated, corrupt and unfair system.

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