Friday, November 06, 2009

This and that

First, good news re: Harri and her hernia. We went to Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge yesterday and got a proper diagnosis, plus she will definitely be operated on to fix the problem, hopefully in December. It was quick, efficient and reassuring, which was good after six weeks or so of uncertainty.

Second, stupid news. We never did get to see a-ha in concert in the end, on account of the fact that I’d somehow convinced myself that the gig was on Thursday 5th November. I was made aware of my cock-up when I dug out the tickets at 8pm on Wednesday 4th November, the actual date of the gig. I’m not that gutted – it would have been nice to have seen them perform songs from the new album live, but instead I’ll have to make an extra special effort to see them on their farewell tour next year. I think the fact I’ve seen them three times, including an absolutely brilliant set in Wembley in late 2002 (which thankfully made it onto their 2003 live album), helped soothe the grief. That, and the fact you can’t be that stupid without laughing at yourself.

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