Monday, December 14, 2009

Blue(s) Monday

I’m going to mention this while I still can. Birmingham City are now in their strongest position ever in the Premier League after 16 matches. In 2003-4, when we finished tenth and generally felt things only went wrong right at the end of the season, we had secured 23 points by this time of the season, with a goal difference of minus four thanks to some heavy beatings at Arsenal and Liverpool.

This time round, we have a better record in every department after 16 games: seven wins instead of six, 16 goals scored instead of 14 and only 16 conceded instead of 18, and – most important of all – 24 points instead of 23.

I thought I’d mention this ahead of tomorrow night’s game against Blackburn where it’s all bound to go wrong. But after a seven-match unbeaten run where we’ve won five (and four of those on the trot), I can’t complain if it all does go wrong. We’ve got a tough run of games coming up, but we have the opportunity to invest this January – unlike back in January 2004 when the board first showed its parsimonious hand by investing £1m in one player – so who knows what can happen? And no, I don’t discount relegation from that series of possibilities – this is Birmingham City FC after all…

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