Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amelia Alice Peers

Our second daughter, Amelia, was born last Monday (17th May) at 6.20am. It was a natural birth, just 24 hours before Toni was due to have an elective Caesarean, and Amelia was two days late. She weighed an impressive 9lbs, and mother and baby are doing well – certainly in comparison to Toni’s experience with Harri.

Amelia currently has blue eyes, which we hope she’ll keep, and a much fuller head of hair than her big sister had. Early photos suggested she might take after the Krays, but thankfully that resemblance has faded and while there are strong resemblances to other members of the family (including a striking similarity to Harri at her age), she’s thankfully beautiful, which suggests not too many attributes have come from her old man!

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