Friday, May 07, 2010

Election 2010

A lot of personal stuff has been going on, hence my incommunicado. As I type we’re just a week or two away from increasing the size of our family from three to four (all being well, fingers crossed, etc) – hopefully it’ll bring some joy to my family who are suffering from a number of bereavements.

In the meantime, we’re five years on from the last general election, but nothing has changed. 6.5 million people voted Liberal Democrat in return for a massive 51 seats. Contrast that to 8.4 million Labour voters who got over 250 seats for their votes.

The system is broken. Stop talking about decisive governments, or a mandate for change (being rejected by 63% of the electorate doesn’t sound like a mandate to me), and start delivering representative government based on the number of votes cast. It’s easy to sweep a few hundred thousand votes under the carpet, but when 6.5 million people are continually excluded from the political process because they dare to choose Liberal Democrat, then it’s time for change.

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