Monday, September 13, 2010

End of an area

Just learned that PC Answers is closing. This has been my main source of income for a while now, and while we won't find ourselves on the street now it's gone, it's still a worrying time as I strive to find alternative sources of income. I've been here before of course - when the Australian version of Windows XP Magazine closed in 2007, and again when the UK version scaled back in 2009, although its eventual passing earlier this year wasn't such an issue personally because I'd already filled the gaps to some degree.

It's obvious the PC magazine market is contracting - so I need to diversify into other areas if I possibly can. It would be nice to replace Answers' income with two or three alternatives to spread the risk. One of these is in place - and its online, so hopefully more robust, but I still need more.

The professional aspect dealt with, this just leaves the personal side of things. I joined PC Answers in 1998 as Production Editor as the magazine, fresh from having saved itself from closure, was on an upward curve. After 18 months and a promotion to Deputy Editor, I moved to my first editing job on another title, but returned a year later. The mag was in the doldrums slightly, but we've revived it again and made Future an awful lot of money during the course of my two years in charge.

I then went freelance, but PCA has always been a part of my freelance portfolio, and it's safe to say I'll shed a few tears at its passing. It's been on the cards for a while, but it's the loss of an old friend that has been incredibly good to me, and I for one will never forget it.

To PC Answers.

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