Monday, November 29, 2010

End of an era

a-ha is no more – in the UK at least. We were fortunate to be present at Wembley on Saturday evening to witness their last-ever gig and despite the appalling seats (I guess you get what you pay for), I think our party enjoyed hearing all the hits roll out one more time.

The band’s final gig was definitely an improvement on the Analogue tour we saw around five years ago, but if I’m honest it wasn’t up there with the Lifelines tour of late 2002, which thankfully was immortalised on their only live album to date. It was nevertheless good to hear all the old hits again, although I feel a pang of disappointment on not seeing them last year when they toured to promote their last album – ho hum, at least they played a couple of tracks from it.

Elsewhere life rolls on – work is hectic these days, with my having to chase up lots of smaller commissions to make up the missing work from PC Answers. We survive, however, which is the main thing. Amelia has two front (bottom) teeth, chattering away and gearing up to crawling properly; Harri turned three earlier this month and continues to astound and delight in equal measure. And I turn 38 tomorrow. What a ghastly thought – like everyone else I don’t feel my age, and it’s slightly perturbing to find time marching on around me. At least it’s the same for all of my contemporaries – helps to prevent the old mid-life crisis from setting in, although I understand these days it starts at 35, which means I’ve already missed the boat. Almost certainly for the best…

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