Friday, October 21, 2011


Just to remind myself that this blog isn't simply about my beloved Birmingham City, here are a few more items that may or may not be of interest:

1. Harri sailed through her latest hips checkup at Stanmore, and the threat of a further operation has receded dramatically, a welcome relief as I'm sure you can imagine!
2. Work has really picked up of late, and I now have more pies than I can put my fingers in, leading me to feel more secure about my position as a freelance writer than I've done for a long time, even before PC Answers closed a year or so ago.
3. I'm the proud owner of a third-share in a cider-making setup. Our first batch was made last weekend, and we're planning another bout this weekend. Christ knows what we'll do with 96 bottles of cider, mind!
4. Malt Shovel Mild is now available in bottles. Now all I have to do is schedule a trip into town to try some.

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