Monday, February 10, 2014

Time to stop pandering to climate change deniers

Unbelievably after all this extreme weather we've been facing, those who refuse to accept man-made climate change are still trying to say it's not happening. But there's a crack in their arguments. Many of them now grudgingly accept that the climate is changing, even if they're stubbornly clinging on to the fact it has nothing to do with global warming.

Well I for one have had enough of arguing with them. It doesn't matter that they ignore the 99 per cent of peer-reviewed scientific studies to concentrate on the 1% (never mind the batshit conclusions made by people with dubious - or even no - scientific credentials). They need to start facing up to the facts, or perhaps even answering some questions of their own.

Here's the critical question. Where does all that greenhouse gas that man emits every year go? You know, the billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide from energy consumption, transport, food production, etc. Then the billions of tonnes of methane and other greenhouse gases also emitted every year by the same processes, driven by a global population of over 7 billion humans.

You see, how can you ignore all those emissions? 150 years ago there were less than a billion humans on the planet. The Industrial Revolution was in full swing, but emissions then were a mere fraction of what they are now. Furthermore, 150 years ago there were a hell of a lot more carbon sinks in the world, including vast swathes of forest, to absorb those emissions too.

So we have two indisputable facts: one, emissions of warming greenhouse gases caused by mankind and its related activities exist and are clearly substantial, and two, the carbon sinks that would normally absorb at least some of those emissions are either gone (deforestation) or reaching capacity (oceans now becoming acidic as the concentrations of carbon dioxide in them increases). So, climate change deniers: where are these emissions going?

It's the only way you can argue with these people - ask them where the emissions go. And I wish more people faced with these idiots would do just that.

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