Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sunny February days

Since we bought solar panels in 2013, my appreciation of the weather has changed. Yesterday was cold and chilly, but almost perfect blue skies saw the panels generate over 13kWh of electricity, which is the highest amount since October. It may still be winter - just ask the residents of New England who are buried beneath dozens if not hundreds of inches of snow - but seeing the panels generate this amount of electricity, coupled with the rapidly expanding daylight hours and even if spring isn't in sight, I know it's coming. And that feels good.

The dark winter months only really exist from about mid-November to mid-January - after that time the sunset pushes back rapidly and by now the sun is well and truly up by the time we rise at 7am each morning. Everyone suffers from SAD to some extent - and I'd urge everyone with access to today's beautiful blue skies to spend even just a couple of minutes standing outside feeling that warm sun on your face. Quell your chattering mind and just live in the moment - this is what life is for, these quiet, beautiful moments while you top up your Vitamin D levels and leave the day-to-day grind behind. Now, if you'll excuse me...

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