Friday, May 08, 2015

"It's almost certain we'll have another coalition..."

Not the first time I've been wrong, and won't be the last time either. Amazing how a minority of the electorate (36% this time round) get to choose a government for the rest of us. Not one single government in living memory has ever been elected by the majority of those who vote (never mind those who are eligible to vote), and yet this government - no longer fettered by the weak chains of the Liberal Democrats - will get to rule unopposed for the next five years.

I don't want to predict what our country will look like in 2020, but I can't help but feel it will be a nastier place for most of us. I may perversely be better off - assuming I'm able to keep getting paid to write, but I'd rather know that if things go wrong there's a system in place - one I've been paying in to for the past 21 years - that will support people in need who find themselves out of work, help them get back on their feet and into a new job without demonising them or putting them into a cycle of poverty. It would be also nice to think there's a NHS there too should it be needed.

I can see bubbles of anger starting to appear from those at the bottom - particularly the young. They look at my generation and those before me and ask themselves why - having taken advantage of free higher education and healthcare - we're happy to pull the drawbridge up behind us just so we continue to live at levels of comfort far in excess of what we actually need. There's a disturbing lack of empathy on show, and it's dangerous too - it's all very well bemoaning people less fortunate than ourselves allegedly eating into our personal wealth through taxation, but it doesn't take much these days to find yourself on the other side of the fence. It would be worth hammering that point home over the next five years to those who are lucky enough to avoid falling into poverty, but still so blinkered they can't see that there but for the grace of go they.

We live in dangerous times, but decency is still out there. Less than 50% voted Tory or UKIP, so we should not paint all of Britain as uncaring and nasty. We all know it's not true. But here's a warning for the elite: the time for electoral reform is nigh - you've had 32 years disenfranchising large swathes of the British public (forget UKIP's complaints about one seat for 12% of the vote; Liberals were given just 23 seats for 7.8 million - 25.4% - of the vote in 1983), and we won't put up with it for much longer.

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