Monday, April 09, 2007

Knee-jerk reaction time as Blues crash again

That's it. I've given Bruce final chances before umpteen times, and yet again he screws it up. The sooner he goes the better, frankly. If we do go up it's clear he'll revert to type next season and try to draw his way to safety just like last season.

Let's be honest - this isn't some blip. 12 goals in 14 games from that strikeforce. One win in five. 11 league defeats, nine of those against crap opposition. Any neutral will tell you we don't deserve to go up with stats like that. It doesn't matter how poorly Derby perform between now and the end of the season, that four-point gap won't be closed now.

It's the same old story - Bruce buys himself out of trouble every time he has the opportunity to spend, but before the next window opens the effect of new players like McSheffrey is already starting to fade once he's had time to coach all the ability out of them. How does he pick his team? He makes sure his favourites always make the starting eleven if they're available, then automatically plays whoever he's just wasted a few million on. He packs the centre of midfield with defensive-minded players and wonders why our forwards are constantly pulled out of position chasing the ball. We're predictable and when crap like Burnley and Barnsley can snuff us out then you know the game's up.

These are criticisms that have been levelled at him for years, and I for one am tired of it. Like other people on here, when you can't even get particularly worked up about your team screwing up with the same old mistakes yet again, there's something seriously wrong at the club. Cunningham was spot on, and replacing old injury prone players with younger, fitter players is clearly fixing only half the problem.

We have a squad that on paper should genuinely excite us - but whatever they produce on the pitch is a pale shadow of what they're capable of. DJ is the ultimate example of this - a right-sided midfield player who used to be able to at least try and play as an attacking force, but now he's too busy huffing and puffing to be effective. Muamba gets lauded for his ball-winning abilities, but how many times does he have to employ them because he's given the ball away?

Yup, it's a knee-jerk reaction, but the fact I'm not even seething writing this says it all.

(From the Small Heath Alliance message board. And honest, I'm not seething, just tired of sitting through the same old, same old.)

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