Tuesday, June 19, 2007

An even starker warning on climate change

Regular readers of my blog will already be aware of the grave concern being expressed about the rate of climate change and what may well happen to our species within the next 100 years. But for those who still pretend they've got their heads in the sand, please click here to read the front page of today's Independent.

Anyone with children or grandchildren has a duty to protect this planet for their descendants. At the end of the day, most (if not all) of our creature comforts will have to go, either voluntarily or by the simple mechanics. It's up to you whether you choose to give them up over a prolonged period, as recommended by George Monbiot in his book, Heat (click here), or whether you selfishly hang on to them for as long as possible while denying your offspring the chance of living in a sustainable, inhabitable world.

The idea that my children might struggle to even survive simply because I refused to cut back on my carbon emissions and consumerist consumption is something I can't contemplate. What scares me is that so many people cannot - or will not - see this. Just remember that pretending you aren't responsible for what is to come will hold little truck with those who are left to deal with it.

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